Country Charm Cafe'

110 E. Main

Metamora Ohio


Monday---------------- Closed

Tuesday---------------- 6am-3pm

Wednesday------------ 6am-3pm

Thursday--------------- 6am-3pm

**Friday -------------------6am - 9pm

Saturday ----------------6am - 2pm

Sunday ------------------ 8am - 2 pm

Accepting All Major Credit/Debit Cards

Breakfast served until 3pm Tuesday through Thursday,

2pm Friday through Sunday.

** All-U-Can-Eat Fish Fry every Friday starting at 4pm!





No Pancakes after 11 am on weekdays

Egg Breakfast include choice of

white, whole wheat, or rye toast

0.20 extra for Texas, muffin cinnamon or marble rye

One Egg 1.69

With golden brown home fries 2.89 Choice of meat 3.69

With all of the above 4.69

Two Eggs 1.99

With golden brown home fries 3.29 Choice of meat 3.99

With all of the above 4.99

**Two eggs, home fries, and Juicy 60z Steak ---7.29**

Three Egg Omelets

(Comes with home fries and toast)

Cheese -- 4.59

Spinach -- 4.99

Veggie 5.49

*Tomato, onion, green peppers, mushrooms, cheese

Bacon and Cheese             4.99

Ham and Cheese 4.99

Mushroom and Cheese 4.99

   Sausage and Cheese      4.99

Western      5.49

*Ham, onions, green peppers, cheese

Farmers 5.69

*ham, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, home fries, cheese

0.40 for any additional item

*consuming raw or uncooked eggs or meat may cause illness


One----1. 89


Texas French Toast

3 slices 3.89

*ADD Strawberries or Pecan's for only 1.00

Metta Muffin----3.99

(sausage, bacon or ham with one egg and melted cheese)




* ADD Raisins 0.59


White, Whole Wheat, Rye---- 1.00

Texas, Cinnamon, Marble Rye Toast----l.20

English Muffin------l.20

Homemade Cinnamon ROLLS(when Available)---1.29

Homemade Pecan Rolls (when Available) -------1.39

Golden Brown Home fries------ 1.49

Bacon, Ham or Sausage (links or patty) ------ 2.39

*consuming raw or uncooked eggs or meat may cause illness


Served with chips and a pickle


1/3 Ib Classic Hamburger 3.29

Double Cheeseburger 4.99

1/31b Cheeseburger 3.59

Bacon Cheeseburger 4.19

Mushroom Swiss Burger 4.19

Pizza Burger                  3.99

Charm Melts

The Patty 4.79

*A classic among melts, juicy hamburger, melted Swiss cheese, grilled onions, all smother together on grilled marble rye

Tuna        3.49

*Grilled on your choice of bread with melted Swiss or American cheese

Turkey 4.29

1:Heaping pile of grilled turkey smothered with Swiss cheese on grilled marble rye

Rueben       4.79

*Home town favorite with corned beef topped with melted Swiss and grilled sauerkraut all in-between grilled marble rye.


 Breaded Chicken 3.99                 Grilled Cheese 1.99

      Breaded Ranch Chicken 4.19             Cod Fish Tail 4.19

           Grilled Chicken Breast      3.99            Stacked Turkey 3.89

           Grilled Ham and Cheese 3.69               Stacked Ham 3.69

            BL T                                    3.29            Turkey Club      5.29

           Turkey and Ham Club       5.69            Ham Club         5.29

BLT Grill Cheese combo 4.39

Becky's Hot Roast Beef

Slow cooked roast beef on served on two slices any style bread,

with a heaping scoop of savory Butter-Mashed potatoes

covered in our homemade gravy 5.99

*consuming raw or uncooked eggs or meat may cause illness


Breaded Chicken Salad                                        6.19

Chunks of breaded chicken on a bed of lettuce, sliced onions, tomatoes and cheese

Grilled Chicken Salad                                           6.19

Sliced grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, sliced onions, tomatoes and cheese

Ranch Chicken Salad                                            6.19

Diced Ranch Breaded Chicken on bed of lettuce, sliced onions, tomatoes and cheese

Chef's Salad                                                            6.19

Diced ham and turkey on bed of lettuce, sliced onions, tomatoes and cheese

Tossed Salad                                                           2.00

Tomato, onions and cheese on a bed of lettuce

Dressings: French, Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island, Fat Free French, Fat Free Ranch 0.30 for additional dressings


French Fries....................1.59

Steak Fries.......................1.69

Breaded Mushrooms.......2.59

Breaded Cauliflower.......2.59

Onion Rings.......................2.89

Mozzarella Sticks .............3.49

Chicken Strips ..................3.39

Chicken Nuggets ...............1.99

Mini Corn Dogs...............1.99

Mashed Potatoes .............1.69

Onion Petals ......................2.69

*consuming raw or undercooked eggs or meat may cause illness


All meals include tossed salad, your choice of potato, and a dinner roll!

Ham Steak 6.99

Thick, juicy eight ounce hand-cut slice

Pork Chops

(1) 5.39 (2) 7.19

Just like Mom used to make it! Choose one or two chops, depending on how hungry you are!

Large Shrimp 6.99

Seven crispy-fried, golden-brown shrimp

Popcorn Shrimp 6.59

As delicious as they are fun to eat! Bite-sized; just pop 'em in your mouth!

Three-Piece Chicken Dinner 6.99

Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside!

Complete the night with a leg, breast, and thigh. I won't tell your significant other:)

Beer-Battered Haddock 7.59

Two 4 ounce pieces of crispy deliciousness!

*consuming raw or undercooked eggs or meat may cause illness



Free refills



Sierra Mist

Diet Pepsi

Mountain Dew

Kids drinks --1.00


Iced Tea------------l.50

Hot Tea-------------l.OO

*Cozy Chamomile

*Orange Spice

*Mint Medley

*1 Love Lemon

*Cranberry Apple


Sorry, no refills on the following

Hot Chocolate------l.25

Milk------------------l. 5 0

Chocolate Milk-----l.75

Orange Juice--------l.50

Tomato Juice--------l.50

Apple Juice----------l.50

Shakes: Chocolate or Vanilla---3.00


last update 10-16-09                                                                                                                                                                                                  prices may change at anytime